Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another task

I was tagged by, AFRINA !
Well, being tagged, to me, is an honour. <-- ceh!

So, here it goes!

//how many your bestfriends forever ?
Technically, 4

//who's your first love ?
Um, um, um, um, Hey! look over there! Your webcam is on!
*run away

//what's your nickname ?
Ain <-- being called by people who are bigger than me, and my family :)

//want Blackberry or Public fon ?
You asked me that?! Of course Blackberry!!
but... I want Blueberry cake more :D

//powerpuff girls or phines and ferb ?
I had been dreaming to be Blossom since 6.
I have 2 little sisters and one picked Bubbles, one picked Buttercup.

//do you have any freebies ?
No, sorry

//do you loveeeeeeeeeeee Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber ? xDD
Lady Gaga NEVER !!
Justin Bieber ! <3

//single or taken ?
As you should have known, I'm
Miss Forever Alone
//did some had copy your blog without your permission ?
I don't care. I really like to share but I don't think anyone has copied anything because this blog isn't that awesome to be copied :D

//do you like to go school ?
YES! School is awesome!!
There is no place like school.
If there isn't school, how can I meet my best friends 
and crush.
And can I never be smart like I am now :D

//since when you are blogging ?
29 October 2010. 1 day after my birthday!
That means my birthday is tomorrow.


0 <--I know it is zero: