Sunday, October 2, 2011

That kind of feeling came back

Actually, I’m talking about this cute cute cute 13 year old,
I don’t know why but I just liked RONAN PARKE
OMG he is so cute.
Before this, I’m obsessed with ZACHARY GORDON
You know Zach Gordon?
Don’t tell me.


He is Greg Heffley in diary of A wimpy kid. Hey, you know, obsession  comes naturally  <--- omg what’s that.

Ronan looks quite like Justin Bieber but A LOT more cuter.
You guys know what? Both Ronan and Zach are 13 years old!
Why am I liking younger boys than me? -.-
Ronan Parke is the runner up of Britain’s got Talent.
He should have won !!!
Nevermind, I like him no matter what.

I wonder how did I meet this Ronan on the internet.
I was not searching for anything and suddenly,
I saw his video... WEHEEEEE....
Now, that,

Hey, you guys,
please don't like him okay. hahaha

I made gifs too...

 Yes I'd walk a thousand miles!!!

awh... look at that smile!!


0 <--I know it is zero: