Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Scouts Camp. 40km cycling to PD


Well, to be accurate, I was so tired.
The camp or shall I say, expedition, was on 23-24 March 2012.
Yeah, last Friday.
I cycled a total of 80 kilometers!
Okay, I can see you're annoyed there. HAHA
Allow me to tell you more about this iEXPEDITION!
lol. Who needs your permission anyway. It's my blog, isn't it?

Nothing compares to what I felt last Friday.
When the thing started, of course everyone was energized.
Every bicycle was ridden so smooth and fast.
there's a but, huh?
30 minutes cycling, I felt like I'm better off dead.

Before all of the 24 participant go cycling,
there's a short brief from some handsome policemen and the beloved father, our principle.
He was so mad when the teachers ask us to cycle with our bags on our backs.
THANK GOD, we needn't bring that damn heavy bag along.
I couldn't even take ME on the bicycle. Let alone the bag -.-
Plus, I sweated BEFORE the activity started.

We cycled off from school at 9.00 am and we reached Bayu Beach Resort in the evening.
Long duration,right?
I didn't mention from the resort to school yet.
You'll probably gag because of how late we are.

Wanna know?
It's from 3.30 pm to 8.30 pm.
5 long hours!!
psst- you know what? neither of us prayed Asar that day, except the teachers, me and Tiqah :D Oh god. You know why? There's no place! Btw, we were in the state of 'darurat'

Yes, there are TWO reasons why we were late to reach school that Saturday.
1. Our great PM was using the road that day. We need the help of the policemen but they have a more important work to do. So we have to wait.
2. ME. Yes, you read that right. They were late because of me, and my other sister who is also, quite late la..
I don't need to mention her name lah eh.
but I told her one thing " Kak, we are friends" :D Can't believe I literally said that. We never even talk or meet each other at school.

I can't describe how relieved I was when I set foot at Bayu Beach Resort.
Although I'm the 19th person to arrive aka THE LAST ONE. *sigh THAT WAS SO EMBARRASSING. The policeman and 'Ayah Safwan' must've loathe me. -.- They kept giving me support (even I don't need them, actually) the problem is a little bit at the bicycle and the rest is on me. Me. Myself. I am the problem. Not my spirit or anything.

I love love love looooooove the hotel room.
Can I say room? but it had 2 rooms in there. Never mind.
It had ASTRO!!

It was air conditioned!!!
and at least, I can rest peacefully
It lessen my pain so much.
The one on my butt, my cramped thigh, my heated sole and every part else.
with only RM 20, I slept in a very comfortable room.
In the same bed as Tiqah.
Aimi had the a single bed for herself.

Also, with RM 20, I ate food that fit for a princess. WOO

 (sorry I took the picture AFTER I ate them. HAHA)

(it's a live orchid there)

Friday evening, we saw the sun set and played by the beach.

(I know! so many pictures, right!)
Friday night and Saturday morning, the scouts was lectured by the higher ranked scouts. Even I don't understand  a thing because I was so sleepy.

Lastly, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who helped me throughout the camp. ATIQAH and AIMI, esp. ABANG GUY@SAID or whatever, CIKGU ZAINAB, THE POLICEMAN which I didn't thank the other day, ANOTHER BOY WHO GAVE ME MORAL SUPPORT, CIKGU SHAFIZAN aka Ayah Safwan, KAK ROCK and the gang and EVERYBODY ELSE. Thanks so much :)  

I think that is all, BYE!

P.S : Me, Aimi and Tiqah was the only Form 3 students participated.
love 1D,

0 <--I know it is zero: