Sunday, January 2, 2011

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park

                I remember vividly my first visit to Berjaya Times Square Theme Park. It was full with excitement, thrill, adventure and fun! The first thing that I did was asking a worker to put on a .... I don’t know. It was something that was put on our wrists. Yes, that’s right. You know it!
                After that, I trooped excitedly to queue for a ride called Ooort’s Express.

My ‘PakTeh’ rode that too but he felt like having a heart attack so, he didn’t ride any of those ‘Death Rides’ anymore.
                We proceed to level 7 (Fantasy Garden) which was filled with children rides. My sisters and cousin were amazed by the lively cartoon imaginery featuring gigantic plants and creatures that really made them spellbound. Rides at fantasy garden:
Fantasy Trail
 A train that circles Fantasy Garden
Buddy Go Round

Goes round and round
Botanic Drive,
Crazy Bus
 A bus that goes up and down in a circle.

Flying Bumble Bee
Robo Crash and Honey Bump

 Bumper cars
Molly Cool’s Swing
Just like it's name, it swings.

        While the little ones were playing the rides again and again, I asked my mom to accompany me ride the Supersonic Odyssey which was a rollercoaster ride and she agreed.So this was excactly was it was like.

While I was queuing for the ride of my life, I saw the monstrous structure. I was filled with apprehension which was soon replaced by fear but I managed to confront the fear after reciting a silent prayer. My mom sat beside me in the ride. When an attendant pushed the green button, the train lurched forward slowly and ascended the slope. When the train reached the peek, I’m wondering what would happen next. Then, I heard screams (including mine), both excited and frightened as the roller-coaster plunged downwards at neck-breaking speed. My stomach seemed to have migrated to my mouth.And I never forget to open my eyes because I want to keep the memories in my mind. Hehehe.
                I clutched the bar as hard as I could as there was a loop right in front of me. Although I can’t see clearly as everything was hurtling, I really know that there really WAS a loop. 2 seconds later, my world was upside down, literally. When the ride ended, I can’t even stand and I was very dizzy and actually, that ride was a total fun! I enjoyed it very much but I don’t know what my mom felt. 
                I told too much stories about roller coaster and now, I want to tell you about other rides. I rode on everything except DizzyIzzy. I really loathe amusements like this one.

 Other pictures
 In the buddy Go Round
 Aiman was in the Honey Bump all by himself.

 DNA Mixer. It twirls and spins!The top picture was taken by my father.
The bottom was taken from a web page.
 Waiting for space attack to do it's job
 In the Fantasy Trail
Flying Bumble Bee

0 <--I know it is zero: