Friday, January 28, 2011


 I purposely make it small XD
Okay, first of all, this is her BIGGEST secret and guys, don’t tell Dinie because this will surely makes her coma for 2 to 3 secs...
This is NOT a biodata. I’m sick of having people’s biodatas. I don’t really need them , right?

-          - She has about 25 husbands wives. YES, 25. I wonder if they are 'illegal' ;p
  Send my pitiness regards to your wives, Dinie.
-         - Likes a little bit of Si Capik but Navy even more
-          -Writes every secret of hers (including mine) in a damn book and it had closely revealed my secret. What a  damn book!
-          -Deva, Walid, and 100 other guy’s ‘DREAM
-          -Owns a damn gorgeous blog, just like the owner
-          -Always being bugged by one of her wives and in the same time, her ‘madu’ CHEH!
-          -My second clone.. hehe
-          -She is called Cik Nab or is it Tun? By everyone in the class especially Cikgu Izhar and Darling Kenneth.
-          -Shiver whenever she is HUNGRY.
 What a strange girl and look who’s the food sponsor.. :ppppppppp
-Phobia to Beryll's chocolate after she ate the choc with a tiny worm company. HAHA
-          -No sardines for her.
-          -Loves taufufa? 100% lah.
-          -Umm, not to promote but please be her follower at dinieaqilaahhh.tumblr.com

-           Any questions? Ask her yourself.
-          Students go to school, don't be a fool!-- Cikgu Izhar



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