Saturday, January 15, 2011

My thoughts about my full-with-genuises class (part 2)

I just wrote about 2 Muz in the recent post
so I'm gonna write about 2 muz (if I have stories about it)
as often as I can write.
So, this is the second part of 2 Muz, 
I'm just hoping you guys won't get bored, okay?

The first thing is, I started to 'like'
2 Muz
Cikgu Hussin is always with his 'hell room'- Right after class, Mayuri will say "let's get out of the hell" haha
Cikgu Izhar- He is 'jibam'-ing all the time. I don't even know what that means but I do know it's contagious     because Dinie has been infected!
C. Izhar always say
-Nnti mak bawak bom dua
-Hah, kan dah koma 2 saat!
(it looks quite a lot like Walid)
With the presence of my only best friend in 2 Muz,
other specialized student(s),
and.... Kenneth, especially..
He always get the unpaid job by the teachers.
What a GOOD BOY.
oh yes, you know what? He is, APALLING
(well, he taught me that word. He said it's shocking
so he is (right, Dinie?) but the dic says APALLING
means shocking and terrible. He IS shocking but not terrible
so, let's just leave the word APALLING there.
Back to the story, I am also QUITE happy in 2 Muz
because it is the 1st class.
Are you happy if you're in the first class?
Bet you do! Anyone will be right?
Hey, I'm just wondering what is happening in Aishah,
Atiqah and Aina's class.
Is Aishah alright in 2 Alau with no one to fight with?
Can she live without 'fofo'?
Atiqah and Aina-Are they having fun with all the 'boys' there?
I know Atiqah can't have a day without being disturbed by
Oh how I miss you guys.
I'll tell you more later, Bye!



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