Sunday, December 23, 2012

Genting Highlands Theme Park

Syukur! Alhadulillah... one of my wishes finally came true. Thanks to God and my parents. :D
Assalamualaikum... I'm Ainatul Mardhiah Mohd Amin and I went to GENTING!!!! 21st December 2012 :) Beautiful date too isn't it?
To get to the theme park, we must first travel in cable cars. Genting Skyway. There were lots of lines and I bet they were once full. Woah. I can't imagine people in all those lines. I didn't have to line up that day. It started well...

At the theme park, first we bought tickets! For all of us, the ticket was RM 4**.00 Costly isn't it? But ok lah.. Once in a while.

I reviewed many people's blogs and most of them rode on 5-7 amusements. It was weird because I rode on most of the rides. Fun or not.. Maybe they spend too much time queuing. Alhamdulillah people were not too many that day. Also, I think people moved to Legoland :D. Okay. About the rides, first I went on the Space Shot
Scared faces.
I felt like dying because the over-the shoulder harness is moveable. I thought mine went wrong and panicked like hell. Actually, it was made loose so that when you fall, your butt lifts and you'll feel like falling off the ride. I always convince myself everything is safe. I read many articles about people dying on roller coasters. The chance of YOU dying on rides are 1 in 1.5 billion. I won't be that 1 will I?
Next, to the Corkscrew. It is a roller coaster indeed. It is double-looped and you will feel like your heart is popping out. Sakinah, my cousin is the most muslimah rider. She screamed 'Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah' All the way.

Meanwhile, my father, sister and brother were riding Matahari. Ferris wheel actually but they're like ice creams!
and Double Deck Carousel
Then we all went in Dinosaurland which has nothing interesting in it but it was good for taking pictures

My father waited an hour to get on the Fun Kart.
As we walked, we passed by some clowns. Stupid loveless clown. They asked my sister how old is she. When the girl clown heard 12, she said 'dah tua pun nak belon?' in a snobbish way. I was mad with her and I too went away. I hate that clown. Think I cared about those stupid balloons? Either way, my little dong saengs got their balloons

Then I'm off to....... The FLYING COASTER!! Fly like Superman! RM 10 for people with indoor wristband. Mine is all park so I don't have to pay.  That was the first time I rode a roller coaster facing down. The usually sit but I was lying back faced up.  It's the best ride. Best ride = longest queue. I queued for 1 hour! It was hateful. The couple behind me cuddled like koalas. No, koalas are cute they aren't. They kept pushing me forward that I have to be so close with the chinese boy in front of me. Good thing he was cute but IT WAS AWKWARD! With people smoking, the cold and I had to keep facing down, I was dizzy. The wait was worth it though. Thanks dad for waiting with me. My dad was too scared to ride. Every one in my family was scared too. I ended up flying alone. I thought I was going to fly with the boy in front of me but he went first... *sigh* It's okay. He won't hear me scream. :D I screamed like a banshee. 

Within that hour I spent waiting, my family had other kinds of fun. They proceeded to London Garden, Flying Jumbo, Pirate Ship, and Aiman, Rodeo Rider.

6 pm or so, we all went indoors because the fog is too thick and all the outdoor games will be closed soon. Plus, our stomachs need food. Here, food is 5 times higher in price.

Indoors, I went on Euro Express, Adult Bumper Cars, Rio Float, Reindeer Cruiser and Monorail. Only Aiman can ride Junior Bumper Car, Carousel and Ride de Paris.

10 pm, we went home back with cable cars and I was very sad to leave Genting. I had loads of fun here. I was VERY tired but EXTREMELY happy. Alhamdulillah... In 5 to 10 years time, I'll be there again :)


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