Thursday, December 20, 2012

Summer in Little England

It was my first time there and I really liked it. The location is one of Malaysia's few pristine forests, with a high level of biodiversity. I would really recommend to you because Fraser's Hill is definitely colder and has cooler, fresher air than Cameron Highlands. Guys, this post will be filled by hundreds of pictures so, sorry and thank you for your hard work, scrolling till the end. :D (If you do lah)

The journey from Seremban to Fraser's Hill is around 3 hours and 40 minutes like that from KL but our journey took 8 hours because one of the convoy cars, Serena was malfunctioning.

The solution was, all of the people in Serena squeeeeeeeeezed into two other cars, Avanza and Saga. So from Bentong to Fraser's Hill, my back ache so badly. Why? because Avanza has now 11 people on 7 seats and Saga has 7 people when the seat is only for 5. Not only that, we all have loads of stuff in the bonnet, on the seats, under our legs and we must be in the car with those too. Thank god Saga has a big bonnet but even that, it couldn't fit all of the stuff. Somehow, we figured a way, even painful, it was just for an hour and half more so, fine lah kan.

See my leg? I was lying on a big bag with zips. My mom was sitting leg-crossed.
Finally Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely.

For 3 days and 2 nights, my family and I stayed at Fraser's Silverpark
It was very nice and cosy.
and I ended up taking bunch of so called 'tumblr pictures'. 

The next morning, 7 am like that, my mom thought of taking a stroll around Fraser. Jinjja! I thought we were the only ones in Fraser Hill. I couldn't hear people's voices, just birds and blowing breeze so it's basically like Othman's Hill. We took so long just to get to the clock tower because most of the time were spent taking pictures rather than proper walking. That night, when my mom said "Jom jalan-jalan cari makan!" my brother said " Jalan-jalan cari makan ke jalan-jalan ambik gambar?" What a 5 y/o
 see those little droplets? ^

Getting back to the top, we decided to try Fraser's roti canai. Unluckily, my maksu only brought RM 1.50. This was what we called, budget holiday. lol. Shared one roti canai with 8 people.
 After 30 seconds...

That evening, we used a car to go to the clock tower to snap more pictures. This time, my grands followed and so did my other aunts and cousins. We bought looked at the souvenirs. They were pretty!

Most people who came here actually did not know about the bird interpretive centre. So here I am, telling you that if you go to Fraser's Hill, go into the University of Malaya and send my regards to the professor there, Prof. Carolina from Me-hi-co! (Look for my name in the guest book! :D)

We had to leave the next day.... It was so nice I felt like home. Goodbye Fraser! That day was also the day I should take my PMR results but, you see I couldn't just go home. With the damaged car and all..

Raub is famous for its Durian... You guessed what we ate...

Everyone had to close their noses later in the car because people farted and belched and farted and belched nastily. The durians really were awesome. The day ended with us, eating at Man Tom Yam. Alhamdulillah.. after I knew my results, the day was even better. I also saw Shahid who doesn't even remember me and I really believe that I saw Taufiq's glimpse. I don't know. Lantaklah kan? :D 

Thanks for reading. Really THANK YOU and congratulations to Pajel, Dinie, Aina Fatnin and Aina Fatihah, Atiqah, Aimi, Fadlin and every one else. YOU WORKED HARD! :)


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