Monday, December 31, 2012

Productive Holiday?

Is your holiday productive? :D HAHA. I don't know mine is or isn't. Well, some things DID happen this holiday.. I'll list them.

1. Got my braces

2. Baked cakes

3. Studied a little little bit of physics, chemistry and mathematics, which were so hard
4. Ate loads of food. It is good for my growth and body needs okay!
5. Be one of the organisers for this ceremony my grandma held. read here
6. Played bowling

7. Karaoke-d? It's the first and last time I'm going there.

8. Went for an MRSM test. Hardest thing ever.
9. Sleepover at my grandma's house! With Inah, my cousin.
10. Learnt how to use photoshop a lil bit like here
11. Celebrated my parents' anniversary on the 29th November.
12. Window shopped at Alamanda, Putrajayaaaaaaa.
13. Watched 'Rise of the Guardians' which was literally awesome :DDD I love Jack FE-GHOS
14. Extreme CLEANING!
15. There were guests at my house! It had been long since one came..

16. Finished 19 poptropica islands. YAY!

17. My cousin, Inah also had a sleepover at my house. 

18. Ate halal sushi. OHMYGOD.

19. Picnicked at Linggi 
20. Freezed at Fraser's Hill
21. Once in a lifetime at Genting Highlands 

Woah. Never thought it would be this long.
Okay I don't even know if these are productive. This is just a list about what I did last holiday. Last holiday? URGH! School's gonna start! How I hate and love that fact.
To Aina, I'm sorry I didn't call you. I keep forgetting.. and, I'll SQUEEZE YOU TOO! :D
I bid you farewell!

0 <--I know it is zero: