Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kookie ah.

Here's the story.
I went to Divination class yesterday and Professor Trelawney predicted something.
Yes, yes I know Divination is the most untrusted prediction but I just could help thinking of it! (Hek eleh! As if for real!)
The prof said something about destiny and whatever I couldn't catch. You know my hearing aren't as good as yours...
Guess what she told me?
(I'm going to have a fair-skinned man!)

Hence, from today onwards, Jong Kook is.. nae han namja :D

lol a thousand times..
PS: Ive been fantasizing throughout this post. As you can see, Prof Trelawney is a character is Harry Potter.. :) but I have that JONG KOOK SPIRIT. :D My arm is as strong as his, isn't it? YOLO


0 <--I know it is zero: