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Why Islam Doesn't Allow Homosexuals

A. The purpose of the Creation of Men and Women

O mankind, fear your Lord who created you from a single person, and from which God created his wife and dispersed from both of them develop many men and women(An-Nisa '4: 1)

The above verse clearly refers to God make men and women to find each other rather than opposite sex couples as gay and lesbian. If people try to fight nature, the gender balance among the universe is threatened where the birth would be diminished.

God has made for you spouses from among yourselves, and make you from your wives sons and grandchildren, and provided for you sustenance of good ... (An-Nahl 16: 72)

B. History of homosexuality

According to the Hadith reported by Ibn Asakair, homosexuality was first introduced by Satan, resembling a handsome young man.

This evil practice began when the devil came to this race, resembling a handsome young man and invited them to make love with him. Then the race practices this stupid thing extremely(Ibn Asakair).

And this practice led to the folk of Luth as described by Allah in Surah Al-A'raf 7: 80-81

Remember when Luth said to his people: "Why are you committing corrupt deeds, who has ever done by one in this world before?" Indeed, you approach men to satisfy their passions, not to women, but you are people transgressing beyond bounds (Al-`raf 7: 80-81)

C. God cursed the homosexuals

And We rained on them a shower (of brimstone): watch how the sinners end(Al-Makkah 7; 84).

D. The spread of homosexual to Europe and the West

Homosexual then spread to the Greeks and Romans, as reported among the politicians who practice homosexual is Socrates, Aristotle and Alexander the Great. Homosexual then spread to France and Germany in the 13th century and America in the year 1948.

In the 13th century homosexual practices had gone too far in France until the French government enact laws death penalty for homosexual practitioners.

In America, Henley Kansey (1948) records that one third of the 12.000 has been involved in homosexual and 77% High school students tend to be homosexual.

E. Homosexual development in the East

Reported that the first country in the East which practices homosexuality is Iran. This practice later spread to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

F. Effects of homosexual 

1. Lost  sense of shame and that they are willing to sodomize younger boys just to satisfy his lust.
2. Lost courage, dignity and it is a disgusting behavior
3. The race will become extinct without leaving any offspring, so the goal is not achieved, namely the creation of man to produce offspring
4. Man will be extinct after a few years ahead if the practice widespread and will cause many other crimes.

G. Islamic view on homosexual

1. Al-Quran

And the two people who commit acts of homosexuality among you, give punishment to them, then if they repent and improve yourself, then let them (An-Nisa'4; 16).

2. Hadith

a. Muhammad SAW says, The most I fear that befell the people, is the practice of people of Luth (homosexual).
b. Homosexual practices (sodomy) is very bad and shameful. Prohibitions are emphasized. I worry we will be engaged in it and face the wrath of God.
Allah does not look to men who have sex with other men carnal (homosexual) or a woman through her anus (reported by Tirmidhi and Nasa'i).
c. The curse of Allah on those who commit homosexual, the curse of Allah on the sodomite (homosexual) was reported by Tabarani.
When done with rampant homosexual, Allah draws his support from the creature and they are destroyed (reported Tabarani).

H. As a result of homosexual practices

1. Homosexual would harm the soul / heart, which results in an identity crisis
2. Syndrome causes mental disease called Neurasthenia (nervous weakness disease) according to the study of medical doctors.
3. Excessive mental stress until withdrawn and easily offended then do not get happiness in life.
4. Affect the ability of the brain to think

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