Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You Came Back!

Ramadhan :)
Can I be thinner this month?
It's failing since the first day... -.-

So guys!

There's something I want to express.
I have been tarawikh-ing....
I know reading a long surah is good- meaning that you memorized things well, BUT,
seriously, simple surahs are enough.
It's as if the imam wants to read the whole Quran.
Plus, it hurt my knees since, you know, I'm an old girl. Pity me!
Whatever it is, good work pak imam!

Dinie has been starving.
Her menu:
Sahur- Water, dates, air, nitrogen, inert gases.
Iftar- Water, apples, air, oxygen.

I want to share something too.


  • Through fasting, a Muslim experiences hunger and thirst, and sympathizes with those in the world who have little to eat every day.
  • Through increased devotion, Muslims feel closer to their Creator, and recognize that everything we have in this life is a blessing from Him.
  • Through increased charity, Muslims develop feelings of generosity and good-will toward others. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said, "A man's wealth is never diminished by charity."
  • Through self-control, a Muslim practices good manners, good speech, and good habits.
  • Through changing routines, Muslims have a chance to establish more healthy lifestyle habits -- particularly with regards to diet and smoking.
  • Through family and community gatherings, Muslims strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, in their own communities and throughout the world.

I really hope I can get that lailatul qadar night :) insya-Allah...

P.S: Someone came back too :D


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