Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sports Day 2012

Thursday, 28th June is KGV's Sports Day!

I'm kind of offended with what my house did to me. Don't you know the story? Let me tell you.
I got expelled from playing lontar peluru. (The word expelled is just too much, isn't it :D)
Did I mention this is not the first time Hufflepuff- I mean, Braddon did this?
Just like every time else, the game my name got cancelled will always lose. And I'm happy with it. I didn't care. Why did they ditch me anyway.
But deep in my heart, I always wanted my house, Braddon to win. It's not the house's fault, is it? It's the leader's. You know those filthy mudbloods.

My awesome class, 3 Alauddin had to organize a sale. It's for the charity, I guess.
We sold FOOD!
And, they were good, fortunately.
We have fruits,

we have dadih,


first pride's nugget and fried maggi!!

the fried maggi gets the most attention.

I was so happy to see many of my friends cook.








All of the house's committee did well in their tent designing.
As usual, in order to let other houses win, Braddon, the champion for four years in a row made the house tent how should I say... most.... horrible, ugliest and not even a slight beauty was added. lol How can I say that to my own house. Well, I'll prove my words..


er... no house?

the awesome GRYFFINDOR


and..... HUFFLEPUFF?

Close that mouth. I can see you laughing.

The costumes were great too. Dinie and Pajel and Taufiq
were so cute!

and these,
are the results.

(the fallen number at Seng Long is 3)

So, yeah. Braddon won, AGAIN.

PS: I donated 3 marks to Braddon!!!

0 <--I know it is zero: