Friday, November 18, 2011


This is the end of Form 2, :(

So I would like to thank my best friends, Tiqah, Dinie, Pajel, Aishah and I won’t forget, Aina. She was in school in the first months of schooling. Oh yes, Atira too. I love you guys so much. I had done so many bad things, I’m aware. I uttered words I shouldn’t utter, I know. So I am really sorry. Despite that, you guys never pay them back. That makes me feel so ashamed of myself. Damn.

Infinity thanks to my ‘kerash’ :D for giving me a brand new experience that I’m sure I’ll never have it again. Well, even I never talked to you more than a minute but, those 5 seconds were the best 5 seconds of my life. It has been 2 years, wow. Let’s make it 3 or 5 is better, shall we? Haha. I’m crapping now. All thanks to my imagination. Throughout this year, I had been dreaming so much about you. Why eh? Who should I thank for that? 

Yes, I love my brain too. Cheers, brain, for sucking all the knowledge. Also, for making me think things outside the box! Um, did it? Never mind. I don’t care.

Nothing could be done without my parents, right? Thank you dad for sending me to school EARLY every day. Because of you, I had a clean record! YAY. I apologize too, dad because I had been urging you. HEHE. Normal isn’t it, dad? :D 

Teachers, especially Pn. Salbiah and Pn. Zainab, I love you so much! You taught me so well that I can be who I am, now, teachers. Pn. Rashidah, Murni, Zainon, Ain and all lah!

Last but not least, thank you everyone. Yep. EVERYONE whether in school or who is reading right now. Thank you, very much.

Love you <3 

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