Friday, November 18, 2011

Ending (last part)

This is the end of time Form 2.
I’m soooooooo sad! I’ll miss all the 2 Muzaffarians, including my enemy.

Before I forget, lemme post this first :

Nah, there you go Dinie. It is horrible, I can see that but, just for fulfilling my promise, okay! It is a masterpiece, as all of you children can see.

Here it goes :

Today, 18th November  2011. The last day of school by the Negeri Sembilan state.
I’m feeling so down and regretful , no! I mustn’t be. *sigh.
It was all in the past. It’ll never occur again.
Let me tell you what happened today, in my class. (2 Muzaffar)
We had a so called ‘gotong-royong’.
Boys like Aniq, Zaidi and Veyla pulled out the newspaper balls and threw them everywhere.  

They looked so cute!

It feels like it was yesterday we decorated our class and now, we have to destroy it all. We managed to collect, quite a lot of rubbishes; which most of them were papers. Pity those innocent trees.

The foam board were crushed by us, like we were raging mad.

and guessed who was the most mad of us all,
because she had to sweep everything :D 
Laugh it out, just joking, she swept the floor with an open heart!

Then, me, Dinie and Pajel played with our camera! I mean mine and Dinie’s. Pajel is too nice to bring one to school. She said it was ‘against the school rules’. Pajel, today is the last day! Who cares. 
You care. 

Look at this lovable picture!

I wish it will last, my diamonds.

Oh yes, there is one picture of me and Kenneth. He is so cute ! And I’m just the same old spoiler. -.-

The most unexpected thing is, Dinie offered a once-in-a-lifetime offer! Too good to be true isn’t it? And the best part is, I declined. Yes, it is one of my life’s pleasures if I accept and no, the fact is I did NOT accept it. I’m too scared. 
What am I scared about? I didn’t know it, myself. What a lame girl. I’m a loser. Just like Dinie has been saying.

Well, no more form 2 then. I’ll miss this year so much. I love you, 2 Muzaffar 2011. Next year is going to be tough. With the PMR thingy and all. *sigh. This is so early!! Brain, get ready to suck everything and me, get ready to be stressed!

P.S :  it is quite tough to be a paparazzi. :O 


0 <--I know it is zero: