Monday, November 7, 2011

High Queen Rose, The Awesome

Who do you think this Rose is?
Not Rose Dawson from Titanic!
This Rose is better than any of the 'Rose's ever lived.

Let me tell you a few of Rose's awesomeness.
. She had successfully conquered High King Meen's heart
. Gone through many challenges, including VERY RISKY ones
. A great business woman. !!! She sells :
Soya Tok Man, the best soy drink in Seremban.
muslimah swimsuit,
new image products like slim diet and apha lipid.



cupcakes!! for wedding, other occasions and for fun! :)
. One Drop perfumes!
. M6 water filter
and the business soon-to-be.....
From the smallest, to the biggest that can reach 3m!!!
Cool isn't it?
psst* If you are attracted to any of those, ring my mom!! 017-6763608, yeah !

. As a mother of 4 children, of course, she made many sacrifices in many ways. Delivering, raising, cleaning (eh, she is a queen, she don't need to clean! Silly me.) and many more.

Even she is a very strict person, sometimes there is a bruise here and got pinched there, she totally is a great woman. There is no other woman like this magnificent queen, which is why, I made her my idol. The great idol of my life.

even to meet her, is a great pleasure. Living with her as a child is a VERY BIG pleasure.
Yup, Rose is my mom.
Well, who do you think?
I know she is not a REAL queen but she is the most successful human ever lived.
Also, she works as a teacher in SMV Ampangan. That is an EXTREME CHALLENGE as the students there , most of them have stone-like heads. *peace, no offence SMV Ampangan students!

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