Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Feet 2

Yay! I watched it yesterday at Jusco.
I cried, I laughed and I cried again.
So the story is like this.

Mumble and Gloria had a son, Erik who is so shy to dance and sing. Erik's first attempt at dancing embarrassed him. Then there was an incident when the penguins returned to Emperor Land and they were shocked to discover a large iceberg has struck their home, trapping the entire Emperor Penguin population below large walls of ice. Boadica, Erik’s friend ventures out to Adélie Land to recruit the help of Ramon, the Amigos and all the Adélie penguins to bring fish to the doomed Emperor penguins. Then everything went so badly like bla bla bla…. Then Mumble and Erik went to look for an elephant seal which they had saved earlier. At first that seal hesitated to come.  Touched by Erik's song, the elephant seals traveled to Emperor-Land to free the penguins .The penguins and the seals begin slamming the ice on beat, joined by the krill below the ice.Finally the iceberg crumbled enough for the Emperor Penguins to climb out of the crevice and reunite with their families. Awh, so sweet.

Literally cried when I watched this part.

This is when Gloria tries to calm Erik who got pissed off.
love this.

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